Bring your bright ideas to life.

Brand strategy to elevate your business into a memorable brand.

Stand out
from the competition

Positively impact
your customers’ lives

a new level of success

Is your message not resonating with your audience?

A flat message is costing you.

You’ve spent precious time and money trying to bottle your “secret formula”. You want to make an impact but you’ve plateaued.

Do you:

  • Sense a disconnect between your vision and execution?
  • Feel you are drowning in a sea of competition?
  • Believe your brand is not reaching its potential?
  • Feel uncertain about the next steps to take?

You need a message that is clear-as-a-bell. Bring in a strategist-copywriter-coach to reach your business goals.

And sit back & enjoy hearing people say, “I get it!” and “I want it!”

Here’s how we make your business a shining brand.

Strategic Plan

With a focus on clear and cohesive messaging, we create a plan to reach your business goals. A plan you can feel great about!

Compelling Copy

Great copy is like a 24/7 salesperson! We create web copy, pdfs, email campaigns, sales letters, social media posts, blog content.

Websites & Funnel

Full implementation of your clear brand message gets results. We create fresh, optimized websites and funnels to convert customers.


Leaders are learners. And doers. Implement changes and reach your fullest potential with the challenge and support of a coach.

Go from basic business to shining brand.

What does it take to elevate your business to a memorable brand? The answers are surprisingly simple. This short overview – complete with examples and a checklist – will show you how to:


  • Position your solution so customers want to buy from you.
  • Guide customers through an enjoyable purchase experience.
  • Create loyal customers who will recommend you to their friends.

Getting started is easy.

Because simple, sincere, and friendly is how we roll.

Book a call.

A brief call helps us understand your needs and see how we can help.

Implement your strategy.

We’ll craft and implement a strategy aligning with your business goals.


Whether a total brand makeover or a small job, we’ll make you shine.

Meet Julie Stroud

Everyone has a superpower. Mine is making you shine.

I dig for the brilliant gems of your business story and craft it into a brand that customers understand, buy from, and love.

As an ICF-certified coach, I ask questions that bring forth gold. As a StoryBrand certified guide, I have a framework to craft messages that get the bottom-line results you’re looking for.

I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and nonprofit directors who want to make a difference through their work. If that’s you, it would be an honor – actually, pretty darned fun! – to make your business shine!

We offer services for every budget and stage of business.


Quarterly group coaching classes offered. Please also click here for loads of help for DIY’ers.

Done with you

Marketing coaching and copywriting help. Available as needed or as a package to help as scale.

Done for you

We’ll do it for you.
Strategy, copywriting, websites. Work by the project or retainer.

What clients are saying

We delivered a complete rebrand for this service business. Marketing message, tagline, brand position, new logo and visual elements, new website, lead generator, and email series.

“From day one, we felt that Julie understood us. She captured the language and translated the brand so people can understand who we are and what we do. After 18 years in business, 15K+ clients, over 10 iterations of our website and 3 versions of our logo, we have a clear message with a website and funnel that will convert. We are thrilled!

AnGele & Brandon

Executive on the Go

What clients are saying

We took a seed of an idea and grew it into a brand in four months’ time. Erin contacted us with an idea to launch a coaching business for moms using the Enneagram as a tool. Cool idea, and something the world needs. So we dove in and created her brand image, message, sales funnel, and website. Now she’s off and running and changing the world!

As we wrapped our project with a happy toast, she exuberantly shared, “I could never have done this on my own!”

MomSense Coaching

What clients are saying

This boutique gym had been open a few months when we began our project. Their original website attracted initial gym members. However better messaging was in order to reach their big business goals. We established their brand message guide, created a streamlined website, and provided a sales deck to guide customers to choose one of three options to build their healthy body.

“You explained our gym and philosophy with clarity. The brand clicks! And we’re thrilled with our new site!”


The Healthy Gene Gym

Increase revenue with better messaging.

It’s not enough to have a website today. Businesses that strike gold tell a brand story that captivates and compels the customer.

Download the complimentary The 6 Essentials of a Bright Brand and learn what makes a bright brand stand out in a sea of competition.


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