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Make 2020 your most profitable year yet!Only 10 spots available.

If you have big dreams and goals for 2020, this is for you!And if you are uncertain how to reach your goals, this is really for you!
The wonderful thing about being a coach is the honest-to-goodness help you offer people.If only more people can discover you. If only they could understand why coaching with you is the solution they need.You didn’t get into coaching to become a marketer! There’s so much “out there” for you to learn about marketing and business, it’s overwhelming!
You find yourself thinking, “If someone would just tell me what to do, step-by-step, I’d do it!Then I could focus on what I do best – coaching!”
I get it, coach friend!
You’re in luck! Marketing Made Simple for Coaches is designed to help you get your marketing done (and done right!)so you can focus on what you do best!

In this Masterclass, we’ll define:

• The words you need to convince people to buy from you.

• A One-Liner that hits your message home quickly for those first impressions.

• A website layout that works (you’re seeing one in action right now!)

• Lead generators that get people interested in your products and services.

• Email sales and nurture streams to ask your audience to buy from you!

Best of all? Working on it now means you’ll kick-off 2020 with a strong start. In fact, 2020 could be your best year yet!

Inside this Super-Fun MasterclassI’ll walk you through…

1. The StoryBrand Framework.

This framework is the magic sauce to making people want to buy from you.
It’s a 7-part framework that serves as a filter to make your message clear.

2. The Marketing Made Simple Roadmap.

This roadmap provides a solid marketing foundation.It’s a 5-part sales funnel that can launch or grow your business.

Grow Your Business On Purpose


Join the Masterclass

What more could you ask for than hands-on coaching from a marketing expert PLUS all the expertise the Storybrand staff has to offer (there are some seriously smart people over there!)


Create Your Materials

Between the Storybrand Framework and Marketing Roadmap courses online, the Facebook Group, webinar small group discussions, and personal help from a marketing coach – you’ve got this!

Grow Your Business

You’ll have a clear message that explains exactly what you do so your customers will want to buy from you AND you’ll have well-crafted marketing materials you need to grow your business. 

You need this Masterclass if:


You have a coaching business (or you are launching one).

You want people to understand what you do and how you can help them.

You want a website that converts visitors to clients.

You want to wake up to intro calls with qualified prospects automatically booked on your calendar.

You want people to open your email.

You’ve heard about Storybrand and you’re excited to see what it can do for you!

What’s included (it’s the perfect combo!)

Self-paced webinar

You’ll get complete access to Storybrand and Marketing Made Simple online courses! The team at StoryBrand created a super high-quality online resource to learn all about the 7-part messaging framework and the 5-part marketing funnel. This is our “textbook”.


Group interaction

A private Facebook group will be our hub. There will be two guided group discussions, one for the 7-part messaging course and another for the 5-part marketing funnel course. You’ll lock in your learning in this group through the discussions, posting & sharing. 

1-on-1 help with an expert

You’ll get a private 60-minute call to fine-tune your marketing message. AND a 60-minute call to fine-tune your website layout. AND a written edit of your sales funnel. As your Certified Storybrand Guide, I’ll be there at every step to help you get the results you deserve.

Let’s take a walk through this Masterclass, shall we?

Inside the StoryBrand Framework

You’ll learn from the team at Storybrand what the 7-part framework is, why it’s important, and how it helps you communicate clearly in all aspects of your business.

Module 1:

Your client is the character. Just like a character in any great movie, they’re looking to experience a transformation and become a better version of themselves (ahem, this concept aligns with coaching). Before you can guide them to success, you need to clearly define who your client is and what they want.

Module 2:

Clients come to you with a problem. In fact, most people are trying to solve three problems simultaneously when they engage your brand. Learn what those three problems are and how you can position your coaching services as the solution.

Module 3:

Without a guide, our client (the hero) would wander aimlessly. Guides have certain qualities that cause heroes to seek them out. Learn what those are and how you can set yourself apart as a trusted guide (coach!) for your clients.

Module 4:

A great plan removes confusion and provides clear steps for people to follow. Learn how to create a plan that will give your clients confidence and clarity when they engage your business. Isn’t that the heart of coaching, after all?

Module 5:

Characters in stories don’t take action on their own. They have to be challenged to act. It’s the same with our coaching clients. In this module, you’ll learn the 2 types of calls to action that should be included in all of your marketing material.

Module 6:

A good story needs to have stakes. For your clients to ultimately take action and avoid failure, they need a clear understanding of what they could lose by not engaging in coaching with you. Learn how to communicate what’s at stake to your customers.

Module 7:

Talk about how your coaching will make life better for your clients, and talk about it often. This module will show you why casting a vision of success is so important and effective.

… And the Marketing Made Simple Roadmap

This roadmap is the first step to a solid marketing foundation. It’s a 5-part sales funnel that can launch or grow your business.

Module 1:

You’ll create a One Liner that sums up everything you just created with the Storybrand Framework in a way that helps people understand what you do and how you can help them immediately.

Module 2:

You’ll create a website that converts. You’ll learn what information belongs on your website, and where, ensuring everything fits together to tell a story in which your clients can see themselves.

Module 3:

You’ll create a Lead Generator to attract clients into your story. This piece of marketing is generally a pdf download potential clients can get in exchange for their email address.

Module 4:

You’ll learn the basics of an email nurture campaign. This type of campaign continually connects you with your audience and will ultimately be your one-to-one connection point with your clients.

Module 5:

You’ll create a sales email funnel that will convert your potential customers from cold contacts to warm leads and eventual customers.
The best part is this is all based on your clear “brandscript” message. It really is simple.

What other coaches say about StoryBrand

Julie presented a framework for telling my story so that I can help my audience be heroes in their homes, and everything clicked. I now have a clear vision for my immediate next steps as well as short-, mid-, and long-term goals as I grow my business.
Jenn, More Mommy Moments

When I started working with Julie, I didn’t realize how powerful the StoryBrand method would be. She made the marketing and building of my new business so simple and easy to follow. I now have a clear and effective marketing message, website, lead generator, and email series that is attracting clients to my coaching business. I am thrilled!
Erin, MomSense Coaching

Julie’s focused energy and expertise helped me achieve in 1 month what had eluded me for 2 years. She helped create a clear, compelling story using my own words and imagery. I highly recommend her StoryBrand process for solopreneurs struggling with telling their story clearly so they can live out their purpose.
Susan, LifePath Coach

Here’s how we’ll work together to get it all done!


Get immediate access to online courses

Enroll, then get set up to enjoy all that StoryBrand has set up for you in the online portal.


January Monday

Guided discussion on 7-Part Messaging Framework

11 a.m. CST. Via Zoom (link to be posted); will also be recorded.


January week of

Your 60-minute Brandscript Refining Call

Your 1-on-1 dedicated call to nail your message for all marketing materials going forward. 


February Monday

Guided discussion on the 5-Part Marketing Roadmap

11 a.m. CST. Via Zoom (link to be posted); will also be recorded. 


February week of

Your 60-minute Website Refining Call

Your 1-on-1 dedicated call to map out your website and nail your sales copy. 


February week of

Edit of your Lead-Generator & Email Series by Email

A review and edit of your lead-generator and email series accomplished this week. 


February Saturday

Congratulations & Celebration!

You’ve completed your messaging, one-liner, website copy/layout, lead generator & email series! You are on your way to 2020 being your best year yet!

What’s the investment?

If you were to hire Bright Brand Marketing to create everything you will be creating in this Masterclass, it would cost almost $12,000
Messaging Framework $2,000Website Copy $2,500Lead Generator $1,8005 Nurture Emails $1,8005 Sales Email Campaign $1,800Coaching & edit sessions $2,000
For one payment of $1325 (or two payments of $675), you can have the marketing help your business deserves!
!!! BONUS !!!
Get access to more online courses through StoryBrand’s Business Made Simple University! You’ll have one-year access to retake these classes as well as learn from additional courses! There’s also Mission Statement Made Simple and Enneagram Made Simple!
Love learning?!  You’ll love this package + Business Made Simple University

Who is Julie Stroud, anyway?

Back in 2011, I launched a coaching business and learned (by trial & error, sleepless nights, some tears, and lots of cash) how to fill my practice and deliver services to my clients. 
Over the years, I saw a need for better (and easier!) marketing for solopreneurs. The cost of lost opportunity with a very long business-building phase – it’s real. And I wanted to do something about it to help others. 
In my quest, I discovered StoryBrand, a proven method for clearly communicating your business in a way that resonates with customers. So I hurried down to Nashville to get certified as a StoryBrand Guide. 
I’m hosting this Masterclass so you can confidently speak about the coaching services you offer that transform your client’s lives. From there, you’ll create the materials you need to market your business effectively. And help more clients.
Never done anything like this before? Don’t worry, I’m here to help! I’m all-in and committed to helping you achieve. Between the fabulous group of coaches already joining us, and my marketing expertise, there’s no reason you can’t do this! 
Need to know more?