Reach your revenue goals this year

Take the half-day seminar Content that Captivates:
how to grow your audience through content marketing
Wednesday, March 11th in Libertyville, IL

Get seen online and convert followers into buyers.

Reach your 2020 sales and marketing goals.
Only 20 seats for this one-day workshop.

If you have big goals for 2020, no doubt your online presence is part of your strategy.But marketing online can be like shouting a message through a bullhorn.Engaging in online communities often dissolves into busywork.Blogging regularly requires focus and inspiration.Posting on social media can become aimless.Online ads can be a roll of the dice.And, is anyone listening?
Do you find yourself thinking,

 “If someone would just show me how and give me some tips, I could actually tackle the task of creating and posting great content.And I could win at this!”

We understand, friend! We’re also busy business owners and know the challenge.

As marketers, we know businesses that follow a content marketing plan enjoy:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • More engagement among followers & customers
  • Direct link to increased SEO & web traffic
  • More sales & upselling
  • Greater customer loyalty & retention
  • Customer evangelism (ie, referrals!)

Providing great content is one of the best ways to serve your followers and customers.

And it will grow your business.

  You just need a plan to do it effectively. 

Look no further than this half-day seminar!In this workshop, you will learn:

  • What content marketing is (let’s clear up any confusion)
  • Why content marketing is increasing and why it is here to stay
  • How to share content that serves your customer (no worthless fluff!)
  • Quick and easy ways to discover what your customer wants to know
  • How to create pillar topics to increase your brand authority
  • The powerful impact of graphic images and great copy
  • Tips and tools to create powerful posts
  • How to create a three-month custom plan

Best of all? Working on it in the first quarter means a solid start for the year.
In fact, 2020 could be your best year yet!

In this highly informative and
productive workshop, you will learn…

1. What content marketing is, and what it isn’t.

Social media is part of it, but not all of it. You’ll learn how the words you write and post on different platforms directly impacts your “find-ability” online.

2. Why you’re missing out if you don’t implement a content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is here to stay. The good news is, it’s not that hard to implement if you have a plan. We’ll show you how.

3. How to create a do-able strategy that gets results.

You’ll see how your business goals drive your content marketing strategy. And we’ll reveal the tips and tricks that make content easy to produce and an effective workhorse online.

Here’s how to make your job easier. Get this 7-Step Plan to create content that your customers will want to read and share.

This clear and simple 7-Step Plan to Impactful Content will:

  • Guide you to create a strategy.
  • Help you identify meaningful content that customers want.
  • Show you how to post cohesive messages to build your business.
  • Help you choose where to focus your activity.
    Bring order to your social media, email, blog/vlog/podcast activity.

If you want to stop posting by inspiration, missing days or weeks, feeling behind and ineffective, and leaving money on the table – you need this!

Get this 7-Step Plan to Impactful Content and feel organized, confident, and certain about your complete social media/email/content plan.


Grow Your Business On Purpose


Register for the Seminar

What more could you ask for than hands-on teaching in a small group? Block out Wednesday, March 11th!


Create Your Strategy

Throughout the seminar, you will have fun opportunities to create content and workshop time to build your strategy.

Grow Your Business

You will leave armed with a plan that you can put in place the very next day. Then enjoy the results of great content!


This seminar is perfect for:

Marketing staff of dental and medical offices, assisted living homes, and CPA and attorney firms.

Church staff members who want to increase engagement and attendance at services and events.

Nonprofit development directors who want to create and grow relationships with donors and volunteers.

Anyone not getting results from their efforts.

Private school marketers wishing to increase awareness and student enrollment.

Online entrepreneurs who want to drive more traffic to their site and guide customers to buy products and services.

Mom and pop business owners who need to leverage the internet to bring more shoppers inside the store.

Those who have not implemented a workable plan.

Here’s how we’ll work together to get it all done!

08:30 am – 09:00 am

Registration & Networking

Coffee, tea, and water available. Meet other local business people and fellow class participants. 

09:00 am – 10:00 am

Content Marketing Principles, Tied to Your Goals

What is your business mission, your demographic, your products and services? Create your business bio and your customer journey.

10:15 am – 11:30 am

The Magical Content Formula

Your content topics + clever keyword use + graphic images = wow factor. Buckle your seatbelt because we’ve got tons of tips & tricks for you!

11:30 am – 12:15 pm

Catered Lunch

More networking plus table topics. Indicate your menu preference at registration.

12:15 pm – 01:30 pm


Learn & apply the tools to create & manage your content strategy. Get personal help from your seminar leaders and leave knowing exactly what you’ll do upon returning to work!

What’s the investment?

Investment? You can hardly call it that!

That’s it. That’s all. And lunch is included.

Launch. Learn. Strategy.

A great deal!

About your seminar leaders

Jennifer Evans has 29 years of experience in marketing, design, and PR. She loves using creative strategies with small businesses to achieve results. She’s also an artist and owner of Periwinkle Art Studio in Lake Villa.

Julie Stroud guides small businesses to clear marketing messages that customers understand and respond to. As a strategist and copywriter, she creates brands and websites that get results. Julie is owner of Bright Brand Marketing in Gurnee.

Seminar will be at:

Tranel Financial

1509 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville, IL 60048

Questions? Call:

(847) 942-1554


* This seminar is not a Tranel event.

Still have questions? Feel free to chat with one of us.


We can’t wait to see you there!