The Benefits of a Clear Marketing Message

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Brand Development, Business Tips


noun: clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.

Why do consumers purchase insurance, online grocery shop, seek out an expert, compare deals, ask Google or Siri a question? Because they have a problem to solve. As business owners, we need to see ourselves as the provider of solutions to our customers’ problems.

Make your solution the stand out choice

How do you lead your customer to grab hold of your offering with one hand and extend their credit card with the other hand?


You don’t need to have the most amazing products or cutting-edge features or even be an award-winning talent. You just need to express your solution clearly, because the human brain is drawn toward clarity and away from confusion.

When your offer, website, packages, your messaging is clear – you win.

Now, your business may be clear as a bell to you. But does it pass the clarity test for others?

Here are four keys to clear messaging:

  1. Explain what you do in one clear sentence. If you can’t explain what you do in one clear sentence, you’ve lost them.
  2. Show how you solve their one aggravating problem. If you can’t show them how you solve their problem, they’ll search out their solution elsewhere.
  3. Break down your offer into three packages and your process into three steps. If you can’t break it down into three easy steps for your customer to take advantage of your offerings, they are gone.
  4. Show that you will lead them to the success they desire. If you can’t show them that you will lead them to their promised land, what you’re saying is just noise.

Streamline your message in a cluttered world

Yes, noise is the enemy these days. In 2018, it was reported the internet contains more than 1.8 billion websites!  Every day, consumers are inundated with social media, podcasts, streaming, and traditional sources of advertising and information. It’s all so much! So how do you stand out from all this clutter?


Again, if your messaging is clear, you win. When you offer clarity in comparison to your competitor’s website overflowing with stuff, you win.

It’s like a closet overstuffed with clothes versus an organized closet. What makes you feel happier? What makes it easier to get around in and make your choices?  No contest. The organized closet wins every time.

Truth is, sometimes the most effective things are the simplest things. Problem is, simple is not the same as easy. Sometimes you need a little help to find the nuggets of gold. From your clear message will come a marketing strategy that makes sense and gets results.

Don’t spend another dollar on advertising until you have your marketing message right.  It’s that important.