Marketing to the customer transformation

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Marketing

Everyone has something that is not perfect in their world. Everyone has a problem to solve. Everyone has a transformation they long for.

Our job as business owners is to bring the problem to the light of day through our marketing message. Agitate the problem, so to speak.

As an honest businessperson, sometimes that seems a bit manipulative.

Unless, of course, you know your customer is stuck. In a holding pattern. Between a rock and a hard place. Not living their best life.

Our customer desires transformation

They need a breakthrough. And on the other side of that breakthrough is nirvana. Or at least a clear pathway to the next level of their life. Problem solved, check! Onward and upward!

Whether it’s a beautiful kitchen, straight and white teeth, a well-appointed closet, a harmonious and happy home life, business how-to’s, or doing the perfect squat or downward dog – our customers are seeking a solution and ultimately, a transformation.

You offer the catalyst for customer transformation

So let me ask you, business owner friend, are you totally sold on what you’re offering?

Would you buy it?  At full price, without a coupon code? All day long?

I’m not talking so much about product quality as I am the belief that your product or service changes lives.

You may be practical, thinking a perfect home doesn’t change a life per se. You may be spiritual, thinking life is made up of things much more important than toned abs or a mile-long email list. You are right. And a little bit wrong. Let me explain…

A home transformed our life

Four years ago, I moved into a lovely home.  Our old house worked for us when we were younger, but nearly 20 years later, I felt cooped up. The new house offered more square footage and a place to put everything. It also accommodated large groups for parties and ministry. And that was life-changing.

My real estate agent didn’t sell a roof over our heads.  She introduced me to the place where I could live as I had wished for so long.

Transform your marketing message

Do you see that what you offer your customers leads to their transformation? You are not selling a thing, instead, you are offering the opportunity to step into the life your customer desires.

For help in transforming your marketing message to appeal to customers’ hoped-for transformation, take me up on a 30-minute conversation.  Click here to schedule your complimentary call and let’s transform your marketing message to appeal to your customer’s desire for transformation.