How to Produce Your Most Creative Work

by | Jan 6, 2020 | Business Tips

Whether writing a blogpost, closing a sale, preparing a speech, or engaging in a consultation, a flow of creativity is necessary. You want to be on your game. In a world full of independent service providers and small business owners, you can’t really do your work halfheartedly.

Creativity isn’t an option

Remember, you are your business. You make it different from your competitors. Your clients are counting on you to bring your sauce. The question remains, how do you keep things fresh and far from ordinary?

Do these things then see what kind of day you have and what type of work you produce.

  1. Go outside. In our modern age, we spend too much time inside, which can lead to depression, anxiety, weight gain, and more. Just 15 minutes a day outside increases vitamin D production and stimulates mood-lifting neurochemicals. Not to mention, time outside is usually accompanied by exercise and the extra oxygen wakes up the brain.
  2. Make work social. Attend a networking group or a mastermind or professional association meetings. Actively seek out friendships with other entrepreneurs. Find potential projects to share with a contract worker. Just because you are a solopreneur does not mean you have to be solo all the time. Working with others (or simply talking about work with others) gives the opportunity to learn something new, collaborate, and make work fun.
  3. Stand up and stretch. Don’t let your body wear indentations in your chair! Sitting is the new version of the old smoking epidemic. My chiropractor advises patients to stand every 15 minutes which lubricate the joints. So stand up. Stretch. Run in place. Climb the stairs and throw in a load of laundry. Do a 7-minute youtube workout. You will feel better and you will generate a fresh burst of creativity.
  4. Live by healthy patterns. Contrary to popular opinion, creative types don’t only work by inspiration or at any time of the day or night. Sure, inspiration can strike and keep you up late. Or a dream can awaken you with clarity on your project. But here’s the truth – a good night’s sleep produces a good day ahead. A healthy diet keeps energy consistent. And a personal schedule that allows for down time keeps life stress manageable. These patterns are like an insurance policy for your best life.

Incorporating these actions into your day will help you reach and maintain your creative peak.

Being the boss and the employee

It’s hard to peel away from work, especially for something that sounds frivolous like a walk around the block at 11 a.m. But you must take breaks. You can not be the resourceful and creative guide for your clients when you operate on empty.

And if you ask me, the things listed above also represent some of the greatest benefits of self-employment. Embrace the benefits of being your own boss! Get outside in the middle of the day. Choose who you want to work with and when. Exercise at times when your corporate friends are sitting in a meeting. Live by patterns that produce your peak performance. Watch your creativity grow and enjoy the results!

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