How to Never Sell Again

by | Oct 21, 2019 | Marketing

Sales and marketing are two of the most important functions of your business. We carefully plan with sales in mind and track marketing metrics. So much hinges upon achieving sales goals.

But here’s the truth: most people don’t love to sell. And most people don’t like being sold to. But we all love to buy. Especially when the process is enjoyable and we are getting our problems solved.

It’s marketing that drives sales

Good marketing drives sales. When marketing is done right, the customer is ready to buy. Salespeople are there to create relationships, help the customer feel good about their purchase, and write up the sale.

Easy and plentiful sales, and happy customers.  As a business owner, that’s the dream.  Bring it on!

Regularly spend time thinking of your customer

Businesses that spend time thinking of their customer and the problems they face are the businesses that innovate, streamline, and generally create a remarkable customer experience.  Those are the businesses that win.

High-performing businesses identify:

  • the customer
  • the customer’s problem
  • the solutions to the customer’s problem

Strive to create, streamline, and simplify the products and packages and the process that will solve the customer’s needs.  This creates a clear pathway for the customer to move from problem to solution. And selling becomes easy when everything is positioned around the customer.

Small business owners, here is your lesson. When you understand your customer’s problem and you have a plan/products/packages to help them solve it, then the sale is practically inevitable. You just have to ask them when they’d like to start.

Understanding your customer and positioning the narrative of your business with the customer as the “main character” is what StoryBrand is all about. And it’s effective.

How would you like to never sell again?  If good marketing strategy drives sales like this, then why not take the time to create your brandscript and fully implement it?

Reach out to me when you are ready to create a winning strategy with your business’s StoryBranded brandscript.